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goblindegook is written and maintained by Luís Rodrigues.

I built this site in 2015, pouring into it over 15 years of experience in web development, frontend and server optimization, interface design, and typesetting for both digital and print media.


goblindegook is set in Alegreya, a typeface designed by Juan Pablo del Peral that takes inspiration from calligraphy to provide freshness and dynamism to long texts.

Post metadata and UI elements use Fira Sans, designed by Erik Spiekermann in collaboration with Ralph Carrois. It’s used as the system font on Firefox OS and aims to maximise legibility on a wide variety of screens.

Code excerpts use Fira Mono, also by Spiekermann and Carrois. Boasting a crisp, supremely legible light variant at lower point ranges, Fira Mono is one of my favourite fonts on coding and terminal applications.


The site’s favicon was taken from Die Radiolarien (plate 34) by Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919). Haeckel was a German naturalist responsible for discovering, naming, and documenting hundreds of new species. He published many finely detailed scientific illustrations, including one depicting the minuscule radiolarian specimen that you see.


The tools I use to create and maintain this site include the Visual Studio Code editor, nvALT for note-taking, and the Hugo static site generator. Testing and debugging are possible and made easy thanks to Chrome DevTools.

Site content and sources are kept under version control on a public Github repository from which the site is deployed whenever updated.


goblindegook is hosted by Netlify and built using Hugo, a static site generator written in Go. It uses certificates issued by the Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority.


The parts of goblindegook that run on your browser were written in TypeScript. Barba.js, DOMPurify, littlefoot, Masonry, MessagePack, smartypants, snarkdown, stemmer, and VanJS provide additional features and optimizations.

The site’s stylesheet is generated from CSS sources and includes animate.css for high-performance animations.