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Most of my open source endeavours revolve around the web, using TypeScript or just plain old JavaScript. The list below is only a selection of projects that I started — you are welcome to visit my profile page on Github for a fuller picture of my work and interests.

A collection of utilities written in TypeScript and distributed under the @pacote organisation on NPM.
A jQuery-free rewrite of Chris Sauvé’s Bigfoot.js for delightful footnotes, as used on this site.1
The Italian card game of Scopa in TypeScript and React.


I’ve moved on from WordPress development, and the following are no longer actively maintained.

A collection of minimalistic classes and functions to aid WordPress development. Frequently-used code from my WordPress projects is thoroughly groomed and receives 100% test coverage before it ends up here.
Cassava CAS Server
Cassava turns WordPress into a single sign-on authenticator for the Central Authentication Service (CAS) protocol. The plugin authenticates site members at the request of different CAS-enabled applications with just one password that never leaves the server.
Post Glue
WordPress sticky posts are great, but sometimes they stick to the bottom of your shoe. This plugin takes care of several issues found with the core implementation.
Network Restricted Members
This WordPress plugin restricts members on a multisite install to the sites they belong to. I made it for log’s private P2 network, which is open to all employees but allows only limited access for clients and contractors.

  1. Hello, world! ↩︎